EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Berkeley protesters call cops 'f**king pigs' as violence erupts

A Berkeley protester is seen calling police officers "f**king pigs" after being removed from an Ann Coulter appearance.

Additional footage shows violence erupting outside the venue and police apprehending at least one person.

In new video obtained exclusively by Campus Reform, a protester who was escorted out of the College Republicans’ Ann Coulter event Wednesday evening calls the police offers who removed her “f**king pigs,” after she flipped off Coulter and shouted “You are a f**king nazi, Ann.”

”F**king pig,” the protester shouted while surrounded by police outside the door to the venue where Coulter was speaking. 

”This is my free speech. You’re not arresting me for my free f**king speech,” the unidentified protester continued.

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In the video, the protester is seen with your hands together in front of her, covered by the jacket she is wearing. While police removed her from the auditorium where she disrupted Coulter, and police have since stated that “multiple” people were arrested Wednesday night, it’s not clear whether the protester seen in this video is among those arrested or whether she was simply escorted from the room and temporarily detained. 

Additional footage obtained exclusively by Campus Reform shows a physical alteration with dozens of onlookers surrounding. Police intervene and one officer is then seen apprehending one protester on the ground. 

In another clip obtained by Campus Reform, a protester is seen attempting to knock the phone out of the hand of the person recording.

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