EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Campus Reform reporter 'mobbed' while covering protest

Justine Murray was covering the sit-in at Syracuse University when the incident unfolded.

A Campus Reform Correspondent says she was "mobbed" while covering a protest on her campus.

Campus Reform New York Campus Correspondent and Syracuse University student Justine Murray says she was “mobbed” by leftist protesters while covering an event as a student journalist. 

While covering a days-long sit-in on the Upstate New York campus, Murray says she was told she could not record the sit-in. 

”What are you doing?” one protester asks Murray. 

”I’m just a reporter for Campus Reform. I’m a student here as well,” Murray replies. 

”Alright, just back off please,” a protester is then heard saying. “Just stand back here.” 

Another person tells Murray that her presence “provokes negative energy and racist tensions” by her “previous actions.” 

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When Murray asks “how” and by “what actions” she has allegedly done that, the protester says that her presence makes some people “uncomfortable.” 

”Black people are upset by you,” one protester says, later telling Murray that she writes for an “outlet that contributes to a narrative that allows experiences like this to occur.”  The same protester then says “there are conservative thoughts that create spaces like this...” 

When asked specifically how that happens, the protester replies, “OK, like, OK. This is a conversation that expends like, OK, this is a conversation that extends like way beyond what I can tell you just like right now especially in this environment because it’s like history. That’s like an hour-long lecture.” 

”I just don’t have that space or capacity in my body right now,” the protester, who said she hadn’t eaten for hours, added. 

”I’m tired, and I just don’t have that in my body right now to tell you that right now,” she said. 

In a statement to Campus Reform, Murray reflected on what transpired. 

“I was disturbed I see some people clearly just eager to start trouble. Unprovoked, they just started pointing at me and calling me out while I was standing there with the rest of the reporters. There was such hypocrisy there because while they were expressing their right to freely assemble and speak out in protest, they had no regard or tolerance for anyone they even suspected of not supporting their every position,” Murray said. 

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