EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Chicago students reveal plan to counter 'the mobs' crusade' against conservatives

In summer 2020, University of Chicago students Audrey Unverferth Evita Duffy launched The Chicago Thinker, a student-led, conservative media outlet whose stated mission is to “Outthink the mob.”

“Some things are too sacred to surrender to the mob, and the free exchange of ideas is one of them. The Chicago Thinker challenges the mob’s crusade against free speech by publishing thoughtful conservative and libertarian commentary, in addition to fact-driven reporting,” its website reads.

Campus Reform sat down with Unverferth and Duffy to discuss their new outlet.

Unverferth told Campus Reform that the two of them attended UC due to its “purported commitment to free speech,” but soon realized that this didn’t seem to be the case.

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“I moved into my freshman dorm and told everyone I was in College Republicans; I was proud of that,” Unverferth said. 

She then said she was “shocked” to discover the actual “climate on campus.” 

“I immediately received backlash… and was mistreated in the dorm,” Unverferth alleged. “Despite the University’s great commitment on paper… speech isn’t really that free in our campus community.”

Duffy also told Campus Reform of the alleged harassment she has received and how she was “attacked” for being a vocal conservative, including receiving a death threat.

“When we publish a piece or say something that is not… with the campus orthodoxy -- it’s not leftist, we get extreme pushback…  pushback that is very personal.” Thus, the two decided “enough is enough”, and launched The Chicago Thinker

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“Our principle is to outthink this mob mentality that is so prevalent on our campus, and actually, on campuses across the country,” Duffy said. 

She proceeded to then take aim at the university for its lack of free speech culture.

“You can’t have a statement saying that [the school is] a free speech college if there isn’t a culture of free speech,” Duffy added.

Unverferth concluded by urging students that “It’s time to step up.” 

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