EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Evita Duffy doubles down amid threats from socialist sympathizers

Duffy participated in a project for the University of Chicago, and held a sign that said "coronavirus won't destroy America, but socialism will."

Evita Duffy, daughter of former GOP Congressman Sean Duffy and Fox News Contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy, was recently harassed and threatened for sharing her views on socialism.

She spoke to Campus Reform about her experience.

University of Chicago sophomore Evita Duffy recently faced online harassment and threats for taking a stand against socialism. 

As Campus Reform previously reported, Duffy made a sign for the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics’ (IOP) project titled “Why I Vote.” 

In answering why she votes, Duffy, who is the daughter of former Republican Congressman Sean Duffy and Fox News Contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy, wrote on a whiteboard that “coronavirus won’t destroy America, but socialism will.” 

The institute posted a picture of Duffy and her whiteboard. Shortly after, the backlash began.

Duffy recently spoke to Campus Reform to share her account of the story. 

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Duffy told Campus Reform that her intellect and character were attacked, but that the “tip of the iceberg” was when she was threatened. 

“Someone said that I should be shot and murdered in front of a brick wall,” Duffy said. 

Duffy also weighed in on the school’s Chicago Statement, meant to uphold and defend free speech. 

“I was really disheartened by my peers, but also I was really upset with the reaction from the Institute of Politics, who never came to my defense until after my op-ed and after they received a lot of backlash from alumni, people who came in support of me and my right to free speech,” Duffy added. 

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“The day after [the photo] was posted and I was receiving all of these attacks, the staff of the IOP, including the director, cleared their schedules that day to meet with ‘offended students’ for what I said and they didn’t even email me back as I asked for a meeting with them,” Duffy explained. 

“So that really shows the kind of treatment that conservative students get on campus when you have staffs clearing their schedules [for] people who were offended, and the real person who was taking the heat for this whole ordeal, me, was getting personal attacks and death threats, wasn’t even given the time of day to be met with.”

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She also added that education over the last several decades has contributed to the current environment against conservatives on campus. 

“In the last 50 years of education and the college system, we’ve seen the left really take hold of what’s being taught to students. And you know, now you’re seeing the fruits of that which is one: intolerance, and two: potential Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders. I mean the fact that he’s even being as seriously considered as he is truly disturbing in my opinion.” 

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Duffy also called for conservative students to stay strong in the face of leftist abuse on campus.  

“For conservative students in America in general, you know, facing a lot of discrimination...but the answer is not to hide or to be bullied into silence,” Duffy said. “The answer is to band together and to really use things like Campus Reform to get the word out and to make sure that we’re pushing back against this kind of shut down of free speech.”

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