EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Journalist Andy Ngo on how Antifa wants to 'destroy democracy'

Gabriel Nadales, a former Antifa activist who now works for Campus Reform’s parent organization, the Leadership Institute, sat down with journalist Andy Ngo to talk about his new book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.

By unmasking Antifa’s true goal and exposing the group as an extremist illiberal movement, Ngo makes the case to show why the mainstream left should not support Antifa or the Black Lives Matter organization. 

Nadales and Ngo discussed how higher education promotes Antifa’s values while Ngo highlighted that several college professors were arrested amid the 2020 Portland Antifa riots. 

Finally, Nadales and Ngo touched upon Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives while Facebook and Twitter allow far-left Antifa militants to organize on their platforms. 

Watch the full interview above.

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