EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Leftist students call Charlie Kirk, conservatives 'racist,' can't give any evidence

Campus Reform Correspondent Addison Smith attended a Charlie Kirk protest at North Carolina State University.

The protesters claimed that Kirk and Turning Point USA, which Kirk founded, are "racist," without providing evidence.

Protesters at North Carolina State University showed great disdain for Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and Lara Trump, daughter-in-law of President Donald Trump, when they came to campus to speak at Turning Point’s Culture War Tour. Campus Correspondent Addison Smith went to the event to find out what the protesters’ message was and why they did not approve of Charlie and Lara’s presence.

One student, when asked for comment said, “F*** Charlie Kirk” When asked why he said this, his response was “I don’t know. Seems like a d*ck” and “I just don’t vibe with the guy”

Other students advised protesters not to speak with Smith because “he’s a conservative.”

Most of the protesters seemed to be primarily calling out what they perceived as racism. However, they were not able to provide substantial evidence that Kirk, Lara Trump, or even Turning Point support racism in the slightest.

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One young lady went on to label Charlie Kirk a racist and a fascist. When asked for evidence of either racist or fascist instances she responded, “I do think you should go f**k yourself.” 

Some people even told Smith to do the same when they were told he is a reporter with Campus Reform

Charlie “does not belong anywhere in America” one student said, though he failed to provide a reason why when asked. 

One protester claimed Turning Point promoted hate speech but could not name specific examples after claiming that evidence was “coming out all day long.” 

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Protesters continued to say that the economy is full of systemic racism. When asked if minority unemployment being at historic lows under President Donald Trump is a good thing, they responded, “No, because people are having to work 5 or 6 jobs.”

Smith was later interrupted during an interview by a woman who said: “Didn’t your momma tell you not to go places where you’re not welcome?” Others surrounded and said if he wanted to feel welcome he should go “upstairs” where the event was taking place. 

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