EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Pro-abortion students throw pro-life display in dumpster at William & Mary

On April 7, a pro-life display was torn down and thrown into a dumpster at the College of William & Mary in Virginia.

The president of the host group, Tribe for Life, was harassed by multiple people throughout the day, including a transgender individual brandishing a pride flag.

On April 7, a pro-life display was torn down and thrown into a dumpster at the College of William & Mary in Virginia.

The event, hosted by Tribe for Life, featured a “Cemetery of the Innocent” flag display provided by the Leadership Institute intended to represent unborn children killed by abortion every day.

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The group’s president, Skylar Culbertson, says that while she was setting up the display she was approached by a transgender individual with a pride flag who began to harass her. “He came up into my personal space, was literally inches from me, was staring me down,” she relayed to Campus Reform.

When Culbertson asked him to leave, the man refused, to which she responded by calling the police. According to Culbertson, the first thing the trans individual said to the police upon arriving was that she had “misgendered” him.

Footage obtained by Campus Reform shows the interaction that the police had with the individual. When he told the officer that he wanted the display removed, he was informed that the group had permission to hold the event.

Culbertson was later approached by another individual, who told her she was “proud of [Tribe for Life] for doing this, and to thank you, I just wanted to give you this cake.” She then handed her a box of cake mix.

Suspecting that the cake mix might have been tampered with, Culbertson told Campus Reform that she then asked the woman for her name. She responded by giving Culbertson the middle finger and walking away, as can be seen in the exclusive image below.

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When Culbertson left for class, the police were left in charge of monitoring the display. When she returned, she found that the display was gone. The officer told her that he had spoken earlier with the individual who took it down, explaining that the person had identified themself as a member of Tribe for Life, and that he was just cleaning up the display.

The flags were later found in a campus dumpster. As of the date of this article’s publication, the police and school have not identified or charged anyone in relation to this incident.

In a statement to Campus Reform, Suzanne Clavet, Director of News and Media at the university, said, “When we have evidence of a violation of university policy or that a crime has been committed – and can identify the individuals involved – we take swift action,” citing a Campus Reform report of an individual being arrested for throwing urine at members of Tribe for Life.

This is not, however, the first time that this display has been vandalized at the school. 

Campus Reform reported on a nearly identical incident in September of last year, in which the same “Cemetery of the Innocent” exhibit at William & Mary was torn down and thrown in the trash.

“William and Mary is crazy. The majority of the student body is pro-abortion, obviously. Anytime we do anything, they call us out by name … they’re constantly targeting us,” Culbertson told Campus Reform at the time.

The Leadership Institute and the College of William & Mary have been contacted for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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