EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Students admit colleges could be lowering admissions standards for financial gain

After COVID-19 caused schools across the country to shut down, taking substantial financial hits, many colleges began dropping standardized testing requirements for admission.

This raises an interesting question: Are colleges lowering admission standandards to compensate for loss in revenue?

Campus Reform went to Virginia Tech University to ask students what they think.

After COVID-19 forced colleges nationwide to transition to online learning, many took an inevitable financial blow. At the same time, several colleges have dropped standardized testing requirements, allowing for more students to apply and be admitted.

Just months after the beginning of COVID-19, the University of California, University of Georgia and more have eliminated SAT and ACT requirements for college acceptance. 

Ivy League schools followed suit weeks later.

Campus Reform went to Virginia Tech to ask students if they supported this move.

Students overwhelmingly agreed with lowering the academic standards, saying that “one test” shouldn’t define one’s success. But when Campus Reform asked them whether colleges lowering their admissions standards could be linked to the COVID-19 financial blows, students began to rethink their previous statements. 

“Do you think that…getting rid of the standardized tests, lowering these standards, might be unfair in the long run to some students?” Smith asked. 

“If a student genuinely isn’t cut out for college or genuinely isn’t ready for college… Do you think colleges might be using this as an opportunity… to take students’ money that aren’t ready for college?”

Several students then changed their tunes about standardized testing.

“Oh wow, I didn’t even think about it like that… Maybe, honestly; that’s a good point,” one student told Campus Reform.

“I never really thought about it that way… I can definitely see it,” another student said.

“That does change my mind a little bit about removing the standardized testing,” one said.

Watch the full video above.

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