EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Students admit 'free' college isn't really free, would mean higher taxes

First Lady Jill Biden recently promised "free" community college amid growing calls from the left to offer free four-year college.

But do students think "free" college is truly free? Campus Reform went to one Virginia campus to find out.

First Lady Jill Biden, a community college professor, recently promised free community college amid growing calls from the left to make not just community college free, but four-year college free as well. 

”We have to get this done. And we have to do it now. That’s why we’re going to make sure that everyone has access to free community college and training programs,” the first lady said, as Campus Reform previously reported. 

Campus Reform visited George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia to get students’ opinions. 

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”Obviously the idea sounds good but you also have to take into account how much it’s going to cost to do that...when things are free, it kind of takes away the incentive to try as hard sometimes,” one student said. 

When Campus Reform asked students to who would pay for “free” college, one conceded, “I assume the taxpayers, you have tariffs, you have taxes on corporations. Simple answer is the government.” 

”Free college isn’t necessarily free college,” another admitted. “It’s free college for the kids but that means it’s going to have to come from somewhere else. It’s not necessarily fair.” 

Yet another student said the cost of “free” college would “probably be us taxpayers.” 

Watch the full video above. 

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