EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Students admit Twitter double standard when it comes to Trump

With the recent banning of President Donald Trump, Twitter was exposed for what many characterize as hypocrisy for allowing violent rhetoric from some on its platform while censoring similar speech from others.

For example, the leader of Iran tweeted calls for the destruction of Israel, and the Chinese Embassy tweeted a statement praising the Uyghur concentration camps, which the U.S. State Department labeled as "genocide."

After President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter, many felt that the social media giant was operating selectively by failing to remove violent rhetoric from its platform.

Trump’s ban came shortly after sending a series of tweets condemning the Jan. 6 violence and calling for those involved to go home peacefully.

But for several months, a tweet from Iranian leader Ali Khamenei calling for the explicit destruction of Israel, remained on Twitter, free of censorship. 

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A more recent tweet from the Chinese Embassy praising the Uyghur concentration camps also remained uncensored, prior to its removal after widespread complaints that Twitter’s rules were not being applied consistently. The U.S. State Department, on Trump’s last full day in office, labeled the actions in Uyghur concentration camps in China as “genocide.”

Campus Reform asked students at Virginia Tech if they supported Trump’s removal from Twitter. While many said yes, they were shocked to hear that Twitter had allowed these other tweets calling or supporting violence to remain on their platform.

In light of knowing this, do these students believe Twitter holds a double standard? 

Watch the full video of their responses above. 

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