EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Students bash Biden's taxpayer funded hotels for illegal immigrants

With no end in sight to Biden's border crisis, the administration recently announced it would spend nearly $400 per night to house more than 1,200 illegal immigrants in hotel rooms for 180 days.

What do students have to say about taxpayer money funding this effort?

Campus Reform went to the University of Virginia to find out.

President Joe Biden recently announced his administration allocated $86.9 million in taxpayer money toward housing illegal immigrants in hotels for 180 days. 

The contract includes providing 1,239 beds, which would mean that the cost per illegal immigrant would be almost $400 per night. Meanwhile, the average college dorm costs approximately $987 per month, or about $32 per day, according to Debt.org

Campus Reform went to the University of Virginia to get students’ reactions to this astonishing figure. Do students think this is too much money? What did they have to say about taxpayer dollars going toward housing illegal immigrants? 

Watch the video above to find out.

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