EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Students blame Trump for border crisis...until hearing what Biden said

With the ongoing crisis at the U.S. southern border, Campus Reform asked students at the University of Florida who is to blame: former President Donald Trump or sitting President Joe Biden.

Students initially answered Trump but changed their tune after being presented with more facts.

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, America is facing its biggest migrant surge in 20 years. The Mexican president recently blamed the surge of migrants to the Southern Border on the Biden administration. 


However, President Joe Biden has repeatedly shifted the blame for the border crisis to the Trump administration, despite encouraging illegal immigrants to “immediately surge to the border” should he become president, during the first Democratic Primary Debate.


With recent news reports and coverage focused on the crisis at the border, Campus Reform went to the University of Florida to ask students who they think is to blame: Biden or Trump?

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The majority of students were quick to blame the Trump Administration for the border crisis. But when Campus Reform informed the students of what Biden said during his campaign, many began to rethink their opinions and several didn’t seem to agree with Biden’s plan to provide free healthcare to illegal immigrants.


Watch the full video above to see how students changed their minds when presented with the facts.

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