EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Students say keep politics out of Super Bowl

Overall, students were generally in favor of keeping politics out of the Super Bowl.

In anticipation of President Donald Trump's Super Bowl ad, Campus Reform asked students if the NFL should air the campaign ad.

Ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, Campus Reform Digital Reporter Eduardo Neret went to the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. to ask students about President Donald Trump’s highly anticipated, $10 million Super Bowl commercial.

Neret first asked students if the NFL should prevent Trump from airing the ad, given his past feuds with the league. 

One student replied yes, adding that “[the Super Bowl] should remain nonpartisan.” 

“The Super Bowl should kind of be about bringing fans together and not necessarily about political campaigns,” another student added. 

Others disagreed. 

“I think if [the NFL and TV networks] want to promote freedom of speech, I think they should allow anybody from the right or left side of the aisle to promote what they want,” one student added.

Neret also asked students to name an accomplishment Trump should highlight in his commercial. Some students were unable to name an achievement of the Trump presidency, while others cited things like the economy and unemployment. 

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“Do you think there’s anything good that [Trump has] done as president that he could talk about in the commercial,” Neret asked one student. 

The student responded by saying “no,” and that he doesn’t “like Trump.” 

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Trump and Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg both spent millions to air ads during the Super Bowl. According to Politico, Bloomberg dropped $10 million for an ad promoting one of his signature issues, gun control. 

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