EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Students slam Trump for profiting from presidency...then find out that was Obama

Campus Reform's Addison Smith went to the University of Virginia to ask students about presidents profiting from their office.

After finding out that was actually former President Barack Obama, students expressed similar disapproval.

Students slammed President Donald Trump when they thought he was profiting.

President Donald Trump, before entering office, was best known for his colossal business empire. Trump built a name and brand for himself and skyrocketed his net worth into the billions. But, since taking office, Trump’s net worth has decreased

Former President Barack Obama, however, increased his net worth thirty-fold after moving into the White House, according to one estimate.

Campus Reform’s Addison Smith traveled to the University of Virginia to ask students if they believe it’s wrong for a president to use the office to profit personally. Smith started by first telling students that it was Trump who used the presidency to profit. 

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“It’s unethical for a president [to be able] to actually gain so much from his office and not do much for his country,” one student said, calling it “very corrupt.”

“When you take the role as a President you’re not supposed to try to benefit or make business deals,” another student expressed.

After all the students expressed their disdain for Trump’s enrichment, Smith revealed that it was really Barack Obama whose net worth skyrocketed. He also mentioned that Trump has lost a significant amount of his personal money since running for office. 

What did they think about this? Watch the video to find out:

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