EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Students support abortions up to birth

Students also called for taxpayers to pay for abortions.

Campus Reform went to George Washington University to ask students if they support abortions in the third trimester.

Most students supported late-term abortions, and refused to say there should be any limits on abortion.

Ahead of the national March for Life, Campus Reform’s Eduardo Neret went to George Washington University in Washington D.C. to ask students whether they support women having abortions in the third trimester. 

Most students defended late-term abortions, citing a woman’s right to choose whether to have an abortion. 

“It’s a woman’s body to decide what she wants...if she wants to do it, then that’s up to her,” one student responded.

When Neret pressed the student to see if that included abortions in the ninth month, the student maintained their position, saying “it should be left to her choice.” 


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“I think that if they feel [a third trimester abortion is] the right decision...it’s their body,” another student justified. 

Neret also asked students if there should be “any limits” on abortion. 

“Is there a month that would be too far,” he asked. 

“If someone doesn’t want a child or doesn’t want to go through with a pregnancy, they should be able to opt-out,” one student responded. 

“Especially also because [women] can’t take time off work, oftentimes they don’t have the opportunity [to get an abortion] in the first two trimesters,” another student said. 

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Neret then asked the students if taxpayers should pay for abortions. Many students said the taxpayers should pay for abortions because it is a “health service.”

“[Abortion] should be considered a health service that everyone should have the right to,” a different student argued.

Most students also said they did not believe an unborn child is a human life. Some seemed surprised and stumped when Neret questioned why double homicide laws recognize the unborn in cases of murder of pregnant women. 

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