EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Students support boycotting Panda Express for 'cultural appropriation'

Cancel Culture has been after any and everything that the left has labeled as offensive. Most recently, victims of the left’s antics include Dr. Seuss, William Shakespeare, and even Mr. Potato Head. What is the limiting principle? 

To find out just how far students would go, Campus Reform Reporter Ophelie Jacobson went to the University of Florida to ask students if they would sign a petition to ban or boycott Panda Express on the school’s campus due to “cultural appropriation.”

All but one student signed the petition, meaning the rest were willing to ban or boycott the restaurant on the spot. 

Two of the students who signed admitted to having just eaten Panda Express earlier that day, while another who signed had just ordered from the restaurant, and placed her food aside to give her signature.

Watch the full video above to see why these students ultimately decided to boycott Panda Express. 

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