EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Students support college 'Sex Week' events...but they're not so sure about their parents

As Valentine's Day approaches, Ohio State University is set to host "Sex Week’" with several workshops on "kink 101," "Cybersex during COVID-19," and giving girls advice on performing virtual sex work.

Similar events are taking place at colleges across the country again in 2021, as has been the case for years.

Campus Reform headed to the University of Georgia to see what students think about these events.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, colleges are continuing to promote “Sex Week” events.

Ohio State University departments will partner with a student organization to put on a “Sex Week” event, which will provide discussions and panels on topics ranging from “kink 101,” “Cybersex during COVID-19,” and “Decolonizing Porn.” 

The event will even offer advice on starting an OnlyFans account, which is a subscription-based service where females post pornographic content for their subscribers.

OSU is not the first college to put on such an event. 

For years, Campus Reform has reported on similar functions. In 2020, Indiana University hosted BDSM demonstrations and sex toy exhibits. Also in 2020, the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse handed out free sex toys. And in 2017, the University of North Florida encouraged students to engage in polyamory. 

Campus Reform went to the University of Georgia to get students’ reactions to these events, and to ask them how they feel about their tuition money going towards such activities. In 2019, Campus Reform reported that the University of Tennessee had spent more than $100,000 on “Sex Week” events since 2013.

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Some students were not happy to hear of these events. 

“That’s not normal… To be handing out sex toys,” said one student. 

After hearing of OSU’s OnlyFans workshop, she called it “messed up’,” adding that the idea makes her “uncomfortable.” 

But not all students expressed such opposition. One celebrated the idea of “sex positivity.”

“It’s the 21st century, I think people should be more aware of the things people are getting into,” another student added.

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Several students told Campus Reform that while they didn’t necessarily oppose sex week, they couldn’t say the same of their parents.

“They’d be appalled… I was raised pretty conservative,” one student admitted. 

“My parents are very traditional conservative, and I think they would be somewhat upset,” another added. 

“If you asked my parents, they’d have a very different view than what I’m saying,” one said.

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