EXCLUSIVE: WATCH: Pro-abortion students vandalize pro-life messages, compare unborn to vermin

In late March at UNC Greensboro, Students for Life members had their pro-life chalked messages vandalized by students. One student compared unborn children to vermin.

Campus Reform obtained exclusive images and footage of the events.

On Mar. 22 and 29 at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNC Greensboro), three Students for Life (SFL) members along with three minors who were siblings of a member held pro-life chalking events. After chalking their pro-life messages, the group was disrupted by students who destroyed their work. Campus Reform obtained exclusive images and footage of the events.

Chalked messages included “Love them Both, Mom & Baby,” “Abortion Hurts Women,” “Human Equality for All, Born + Pre-Born,” and “Women Need Resources, Not Abortion.” 

Despite being an approved club at the school, what appear to be UNC Greensboro students can be seen in footage obtained by Campus Reform washing away the group’s messages with water, and calling their notes offensive. 

After being informed by an SFL member that they were exercising their freedom of speech, a college student pouring water on the chalk replied, “This is offensive and not freedom of speech. It is gone now. You are more than welcome to write again. I will erase it.”

Another female student engaging with the pro-life club members, after hearing that the unborn baby is still human, compared them to vermin.

“No, it doesn’t look human, it looks like a rat,” she said.

On Mar. 29, the same club held another chalking event where they were again confronted by angry students. 

Kayla Murray, one of the SFL members involved in the two incidents, told Campus Reform, “We asked two of the groups to stop, and they were disrespectful and vulgar toward us, cursing at us and making obscene gestures.” 

According to the UNC Greensboro Student Code of Conduct, “No student shall threaten, coerce, harass or intimidate another person or identifiable group of persons, in a manner that is unlawful or in violation of a valid University policy, while on University premises or at University sponsored activities based upon the person’s ... political affiliation.”

The Code also states, “An academic community of integrity recognizes the participatory nature of the learning process and honors and respects a wide range of opinions, ideas, and cultures.” 

Campus Reform reached out to all relevant parties for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.