Feminist group takes over skate park to 'Shred the Patriarchy'

An Oberlin College student started the feminist group which wishes to establish a female presence in "male-dominated" skate parks.

Sky Kalfus, the Oberlin student, identifies as an "internet feminist."

A feminist group called “Shred the Patriarchy” is taking over a Philadelphia skate park to establish a female presence in what is traditionally a “male-dominated” area.

Sky Kalfus, a philosophy student at Oberlin College in Ohio, started the informal feminist-slanted group which advocates its message through a heavy social media presence and fliers calling for all “female-identified folks” to join their club.

Kalfus describes herself as an “internet feminist,” or someone who disseminates feminism through blogs and social media posts. She says the group does little to blend in with the male-dominated crowd and admits to wearing a bright, tie-dyed T-shirt, smart-girl glasses, and a helmet.

Riley Dalca, 23, is an active member of the group and describes herself as having a “transcended” gender. She says she is frequently questioned because of her unshaven legs.

"People [at skate parks] ask me if I am a he/she," Dalca told Philly.com.

Dalca says she was “less than impressed with the helpful [skateboarding] tips offered that included a bit of male condescension,” and suggests that the men often pursued “less-than-appropriate” touching.

Fellow member Meridian Lowe, a theater major at Temple University, says that it is difficult for her to build up the courage to skateboard “with all these bros and dudes [around].”

The original inhabitants of the skatepark—the men—have mixed reactions to the feminist, female-identified group.

One shredder adds “[t]hey’re really momming up the place,” though others think it’s cool that the “girls” are there. Still, the men say the moment the girls walk into the park, they no longer view them dating possibilities.

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