Fewer than 20 students considered ‘college ready’ in N.J. district

The students needed to score at least a 1500 out of 2400 on the standardized test.

After taking the SAT, only 19 kids in the Paterson County School District are considered college ready.

Only 19 kids are considered “college ready” after taking the SAT in one New Jersey town.

The Paterson County School District encompasses 27 schools, three of which are high schools. And out of those three high schools, only 19 students scored at least a 1500 out of 2400 on the SAT, according to WWOR, a local Fox affiliate.

It appears that the odds aren’t in students’ favor in Paterson, N.J. In 2012, 25.7 percent of residents reportedly lived in poverty. And in the past few years, the students have seen a high number of superintendents.

“These kids who are now seniors have gone through seven superintendents in their tenor at Paterson public schools and with every administration change, there’s a reworking of what the schools are supposed to be doing,” Rosie Grant, executive director of the Paterson Education Fund told WWOR.

WWOR also reported that the Paterson school district no longer bases students’ success off of SAT scores.

Paterson’s population is 60.2 percent Hispanic, 26.1 percent African-American, and 8.3 percent white.

In 2013, the Daily Caller reported that only three students in the Camden, N.J., school district scored high enough on the SAT to be considered college ready.

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