Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok gets hired by Georgetown University

Strzok will teach a course on counterintelligence and national security.

Georgetown University has hired the former FBI agent at the center of the national text message scandal that damaged the reputation of the bureau.

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok who was fired from the bureau in 2018 has been hired as an adjunct professor by Georgetown University teaching counterintelligence and national security courses. 

Strzok is now listed on the university’s website as “Adjunct Professor - Undergraduate Program,” and has added to his Twitter bio that he is a Georgetown “adjunct prof and alum.”

Strzok will teach a course on “Counterintelligence and National Security,” which “ is an upper-class seminar which explores the theory and practice of counterintelligence as a part of U.S. national security.” It is “designed to expose students to the type of issues and work they would be expected to perform as entry level professional employees within the U.S. intelligence community.”

“The faculty for this new seminar is in a VERY high-level Intel position!” boasts the course description.

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“Taught from a practitioner’s perspective, the course begins with the fundamental question of why nations conduct intelligence activity, continuing into an exploration of both the various foreign intelligence services targeting the U.S. and, using real world examples, the range of intelligence activity they employ, including traditional intelligence collection, economic espionage, and disinformation.

“The faculty recently held a senior leadership position in the US Intelligence Community, working both domestic and international counterintelligence issues,” the course description notes, pointing out that Strzok “spent two decades working counterintelligence issues at an operational and policy level.” 

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Strzok was fired from the FBI after anti-Trump text messages with his married lover Lisa Page were made public as well as amid concern that he had undermined the integrity of the FBI and other intelligence agencies with his direct partisanship and animus toward the president. 

A statement before Congress from Justice Department Inspector Michael Horowitz asserted that the messages were not appropriate and “cast a cloud over the Midyear investigation, sowed doubt about the credibility of the FBI’s handling of it, and impacted the reputation of the FBI.”

“Moreover, we found the implication that senior FBI employees would be willing to take official action to impact a presidential candidate’s electoral prospects to be deeply troubling and antithetical to the core values of the FBI and the Department of Justice,” the Horowitz added.

Strzok and Page have both sued the DOJ over their termination, and Strzok has since released a book titled, Compromised: Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald J. Trump.

David Randall, Director of Research at the National Association of Scholars, reacted to the announcement, telling Campus Reform, “Higher education prides itself on hiring professors whose prime qualification is hatred of America, such as Angela Davis and William Ayers.”

”Georgetown’s decision to hire Strzok is disgraceful, but typical. Strzok, alas, has not chosen the path of disgraced officials such as Charles Colson, who redeemed themselves by repentance and a humble rededication to public service. Americans of good will hope that Strzok will imitate Colson, seek redemption, and turn aside from the Vanity Fair of adjunctships, book deals, and TV commentary. When he has repented, he should be greeted with compassion and forgiveness.”

Campus Reform reached out to Georgetown University and Strzok for comment but has not yet received a response.

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