Five times student newspapers revealed their liberal bias in 2022

In 2022, even student newspapers at universities were unable to escape the takeover of liberal ideology.

Here are five times student newspapers revealed their liberal bias this year.

In 2022, even student newspapers at universities were unable to escape the takeover of liberal ideology.

Here are five times student newspapers revealed their liberal bias this year.

5ANALYSIS: 92% of Harvard newspaper’s Israel reporting has negative bias

A Campus Reform analysis of the Harvard student publication The Harvard Crimson found that 92% of reported news articles relating to Israel from the past four years have a negative slant. Campus Reform examined 44 Crimson articles about Israel published between Apr. 16, 2018, and May 11, 2022. 

Approximately 47% of all articles label Israel an “apartheid” state. Nineteen articles were opinion pieces and approximately 58% of those were negative of Israel. Approximately 77% of all articles - both opinion and reported news - were critical of Israel.

4. Princeton should ‘budget some free time for us,’ Ivy League student argues

Johnatan Reiss, the author of the article and a peer academic advisor (PAA) at Princeton University, argued in the student-run newspaper The Daily Princetonian that the Ivy League institution should make students’ free time a priority.

“It’s not unreasonable to ask that the University budget some free time for us while we can experience [college],” Reiss writes, citing factors such as all-nighters, skipping meals, and a heavy workload as reasons why free time should be prioritized by the university. Though Reiss, a junior, acknowledges that time management skills are critical to learn in college, he does not believe that they should be “learned through emotional distress or lack of sleep.”

3.  Student newspaper advertises Planned Parenthood

The University of Alabama (UA) student newspaper published several advertisements for Planned Parenthood, the Capstone Free Press reported. The Capstone Free Press is an “independent, student-run news organization” at the school.

Photos obtained by Campus Reform show the advertisements published in both print and online issues of The Crimson White, as well as in its newsletter. One advertisement read “Your care is our priority” while another claimed “Planned Parenthood stands for care.” The print advertisement read “our doors are open.”

2Amherst student newspaper defends Hamas

The Amherst CONTRA, an Amherst College student newspaper, published an article defending the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, according to The Amherst Student. Eric G., a self-described “[i]ndependent researcher on Armed Conflicts, Jihadists and other Violent Extremists,” posted a photo of the piece on Twitter.

“When I say American universities and colleges have become recruitment centers for #Palestinian terrorists and biggest breeding grounds for #Antisemitism this is what I mean,” he wrote. The article, titled “In Defense of Hamas,” describes criticisms of Hamas as “at best hypocritical and at worst false.”

1Lincoln statue must go, article in Syracuse student newspaper argues

Syracuse University’s (SU) student-led news outlet, The Daily Orange, published an article titled “The Seated Lincoln statue does not represent SU’s current ethics” which calls for the removal of a statue of Abraham Lincoln. The statue of Lincoln is located outside of the Maxwell School of Citizenship at SU.

Author Dominic Zaffino, an MA student at SU, wrote in his Nov. 15 piece that “the ironic placement of Lincoln, cradled by a school that values citizenship, ethics and justice to promote the public good, is indeed, contradictory.” Zaffino justifies his position by pointing to Lincoln’s ordering “the execution of thirty-eight Dakota natives for rebelling,” and “unbending belief in a racial hierarchy.”

The author does not mention the executions were ordered by Lincoln due to the Dakota natives massacring men, women, and children who had settled in the area.