FLASHBACK: Students say open border to caravan

In 2018, Campus Reform traveled to Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania to ask students if the caravan should be granted asylum in the U.S.

At that time, thousands were seeking aslyum in the United States.

Now, in 2021, more migrants are making their way toward the U.S. southern border in search of asylum.

Editor’s note: This story was originally published on October 29, 2018. 

In 2018, a migrant caravan of nearly 7,500 people began making its way from Central America toward the United States in search of asylum. Now, in January 2021, even more migrants are marching toward America’s southern border just days ahead of President-elect Joe Biden taking office. 

In 2018, the caravan renewed the national conversation surrounding illegal immigration and border security. Some said it was time to open America’s borders and welcome those in the caravan while others, including President Donald Trump, said it was time to secure the border and prevent them from entering. 

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But what did college students think? 

Campus Reform traveled to Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania to find out. 

When asked whether the U.S. should open the border to the caravan, most students shared the same sentiment: yes. 

“I think we should let them in, give them a fair chance at a better life,” one student said, while another echoed her point, saying, “it’s dumb that we stole this land […] and now we’re gonna point at someone else and tell them they can’t come in here.”

One student explained his reasoning by saying, “I’m open to the idea of letting an influx of migrants come in because I think diversity creates strength.”

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Some students were in support of securing the border and forcing people to enter the country legally. Among them was one female student who said: “You have to prove yourself […] to not be a threat to the country and show motivation to benefit our country.”

What did the rest of the students say when asked who, if anyone, the U.S. should stop from crossing the border? 

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