FLASHBACK: Students sign petition to ban 'offensive' white man in crosswalk signs

The push to remove "offensive" figures from campus has been long underway.

In 2019, Campus Reform went undercover to George Washington University to ask students if they supported changing the “offensive” and “oppressive” white man in crosswalk lights, as well.

As efforts to scrub any and all “offensive” language and symbols on campus mount, Americans are beginning to question just how far this brand of cancel culture will go. But these attitudes have been brewing on campus for years. In August 2019, Campus Reform went undercover at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. to expose the extent of the impact of politically correct culture on campus. 

At the time, many students approached by Campus Correspondent Ethan Cai signed a fake petition to change “offensive” crosswalk lights that show only a white man. 

“As we students cross the street, we are told by the symbol of a white man when it is okay to cross,” stated the fake petition. “Many students from diverse backgrounds, including individuals of color, gender fluid individuals, and LGBTQA+ individuals, feel oppressed by this.”

One student remarked that there was “definitely a lack of representation” in crosswalk lights.

“I can see like, I guess, why some students have a problem with it… I’ll totally sign that,” said another.

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