Fmr. Antifa member reacts to group's attack on conservative writer Andy Ngo (VIDEO)

Former Antifa member Gabe Nadales joined Fox & Friends First to discuss the recent attack on conservative writer Andy Ngo.

Nadales said that while the group bill itself as one that fights fascism, it really is "just a gang" that fights "anyone who supports the First Amendment."

Nadales also addressed unconfirmed threats to launch acid attacks at an upcoming D.C. free speech rally.

Former Antifa member Gabriel Nadales joined Fox & Friends First Tuesday to discuss the group’s recent attack on conservative Andy Ngo, saying that the only way to deal with the extremist group is to “go into the college campuses.”

Ngo, a writer for Quillette, was injured Saturday in Portland, Oregon by members of Antifa. Nadales, a former member of the group and current employee of Campus Reform’s parent organization, the Leadership Institute, reacted to that news and more on Tuesday morning. 

Asked to bring viewers into the mindset of Antifa members, Nadales said that while they say they fight fascists, they do the opposite. 

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”Unfortunately, what Antifa is today, and what I eventually realized is that they’re not willing to fight fascists. They’re willing to fight anyone who supports the First Amendment or anybody who stands in their way,” Nadales said, later describing the group as “just a gang.” 

Nadales recently spoke with Campus Reform about his experiences with Antifa, as well as what led him to become a conservative. He said it wasn’t until he began failing his college economics class, started reading more about economics, and then posing questions about economics to other Antifa members that he began questioning his involvement with the extremist group. 

“I was failing my econ class… so I actually started reading my econ books. I took those ideas home… and I took them to my friends and I would ask a lot of questions...Instead of having a conversation… they called me names. It was my first time as an anarchist that I was called a capitalist pig, just because I was raising questions.”

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Fox & Friends First co-host Heather Childers then asked Nadales about unconfirmed reports of Antifa members plotting an acid attack at a planned free speech rally in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. 

”We need to arrest that person,” Nadales said. But, he added, that’s not really getting at the root of the issue.

”If we really want to look at the problem of Antifa, we have to go into the college campuses,” the former Antifa member turned conservative activist said, while later adding that “there are extremist professors who are feeding this mob mentality into their students.” 

One such professor whom Nadales mentioned earlier in the interview is Dartmouth lecturer Mark Bray who, as Campus Reform previously reported, wrote a book on Antifa and donated half the proceeds to Antifa. 


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