Forget the Gender Unicorn, Genderbread Person is here to explain sexuality

Officials at the University of Arkansas used the Genderbread Person as a teaching resource in a presentation on safe zones and sexuality.

The creators of the Gender Unicorn have criticized the Genderbread Person for being too Western.

The “Genderbread Person” was featured at the the University of Arkansas’ “Safe Zone Allies Training,” where presenters used the figure to explain what they characterized as the spectrum of human sexuality.

The Genderbread Person was first designed in 2011 by Sam Killermann, an artist and activist, and has since been downloaded nearly 3 million times in 108 countries.  

Killermann has also authored projects such as “The Safe Zone Project 2.0” and “It’s Pronounced Meterosexual.”

The Genderbread Person focuses on  anatomical sex, gender identity, gender expression, and attraction. 

According to the Genderbread Person website, biological sex refers to one’s physical characteristics, but it should not be associated with one’s gender. 

“Sex (sometimes called biological sex, anatomical sex, or physical sex) is comprised of things like genitals, chromosomes, hormones, body hair, and more. But one thing it’s not: gender,” the website states.

Many other universities across the country have used the Genderbread Person to explain gender identity and expression to students. For example, SUNY Geneseo, a public university in New York, utilizes the Genderbread Person on their main university website. 

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Micah Button, a student at the University of Arkansas, told Campus Reform that the main issue with these progressive diagrams is that they are passed down from faculty to students.

“Professors are now taking this information and passing it on to impressionable students who might already be confused,” Button said. “That just makes it more confusing.”

In the first minute of the September 30 training, the presenters asked each participant to put their preferred pronouns in their Zoom name. The presenters later clarified that calling these labels preferred pronouns is counter-intuitive to the progress of safe zones.

As indicated by one the presentation slides, participants were asked to say “OUCH” when “someone’s words or actions may hurt you.” Participants were also asked to say “OOPS” after saying something “unintentionally” that they may regret.

Button told Campus Reform that he objects to political agenda underlying events such as Safe Zone Allies Training because it makes students “exploited” on campus. 

“As students, we think this information must be right because the professor has a college degree, and he is being paid to teach us. Nobody knows that the professors just learned this information from some woke liberal the day before,” he said. 

The Genderbread Person is only one of many progressive graphics and diagrams that have saturated higher education today.

The “Gender Unicorn” was created by the Trans Student Educational Resources organization to include even more genders, noting that the Genderbread Person lacks certain gender classifications.

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“Ultimately, we wanted to recognize genders outside of the western gender binary, which the Genderbread Person does not,” the organization writes on its website. 

In August, Campus Reform covered a Gender Unicorn-based training at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. 

The University of Arkansas did not respond to requests for comment.