Former 'Students For Obama' group: 'Obama doesn't deserve four more years'

Students who visit may be surprised to learn that the organization no longer supports the president’s re-election efforts.

Users who log onto the website are now greeted by a YouTube video explaining why the one time Obama supporters are no longer casting their ballots for the 44th president.

Individuals that visit will be redirected to

“In 2008 I supported president Obama because I believed he could actually bring about change to the nation,” says an unidentified student.

He adds, “I believe that it is time for us to have a new leader and give someone else a chance to bring the nation together.”

After the brief thirty-second video, viewers are then redirected to, a project of Let Freedom Ring.

The website explains that Students for Obama is no longer supporting the president because he has been “instituting policies that have negatively affected” the nation’s youth.

“We have awakened to the President’s failures and we feel that it is time for a change,” the statement on the website reads.

“Obama doesn’t deserve four more years of reckless behavior,” the website adds.

A spokesperson for the website was not immediately available for comment to Campus Reform. 

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