Ga. prof on Trump SCOTUS nominee: 'A Right Wing creep obsessed with overturning Roe v. Wade'

The Georgia Southern professor did not elaborate further on his comment regarding Kavanaugh being "obsessed with overturning Roe V. Wade."

Campus Reform asked the professor about his tweets, which he later amended by saying "there are liberal creeps, libertarian creeps, anarchist creeps."

A Georgia Southern professor tweeted recently that President Donald Trump should "name some other Right Wing creep obsessed with overturning Roe V. Wade" to the Supreme Court.

An associate professor at Georgia Southern University shared his distaste for Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Twitter, but later backtracked on many of the comments after he was asked by Campus Reform to elaborate.

“Pull back the nomination and name some other right-wing creep obsessed with overturning Roe v. Wade” Jared Yates Sexton tweeted on September 23.

“For me, the label is earned as this: Kavanaugh is a longtime Republican who has espoused conservative ideals, thus the term right wing, and personally I find the allegations against him - that he attempted to assault a woman, that he forced himself on another, that as of this morning he’s been accused of participating in drugging women in order to assault them - supremely creepy” Yates Sexton told Campus Reform.

“I’m not going to say all creeps are right wing. There are liberal creeps, libertarian creeps, anarchist creeps. It just so happens this one is right wing.” He did not elaborate on his comments about overturning Roe v. Wade.

“Just assume everyone in Trump’s orbit and everyone he chooses for positions is completely terrible. It saves a lot of time” he tweeted on September 16.

“My comment about everyone Trump nominates being terrible was hyperbole and a reaction to the exhaustion of all these scandals,” Yates Sexton admitted to Campus Reform. “It’s just so exhausting and the Kavanaugh thing was a very rotten cherry on top of a toxic sludge sundae.” 

Yates Sexton also shared his thoughts on Kavanaugh’s virginity.

“Kavanaugh says he was a virgin in high school, and I’m sure, in his mind, this is saying he was naive or that he wasn’t sexual in nature, but subconsciously, this is the toxic masculinity at play. He’s saying, back then, he couldn’t have assaulted her. He wasn’t man enough.”

“A president caught on tape talking about sexually assaulting women nominating a man for the Supreme Court who’s being accused of sexual assault and now rape - is ripe for a discussion of how our culture’s patriarchal ideas of masculinity are problematic and help create rape culture, which is what the Me Too Movement is considering.”

He also acknowledged, “I wasn’t saying Kavanaugh’s defense was intended to frame any of this, but that subconscious perceptions and rhetoric constantly influence language.”

“The Republican Party needs to go away” because they are willing to do “anything to defend a man accused of rape” he tweeted on September 20.

Georgia Southern University told Campus Reform they had no comment on these “personal, political statements by an employee.”

Editor’s note: Campus Reform encourages civil discourse and acknowledges professors’ First Amendment right to free speech. The purpose of this article, like any other, is to present the facts and allow our readers to form their own opinions.

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