Gates Foundation funds Brown University's K-12 tutoring initiative that presses 'implicit bias,' 'systemic racism,' 'privilege'

The university received $1 million for a tutoring 'toolkit' it launched that embraces equity and anti-racism.

Brown is among several schools and liberal organizations that the Gates Foundation has funded.

The Gates Foundation gave Brown University nearly $1 million to fund a tutoring program embracing the concepts of “implicit bias,” “systemic racism,” and “privilege.”

The Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University received $999,260 from the Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’ nonprofit in May. The funds are designate for the university’s National Student Support Accelerator initiative. 

Brown University announced the National Student Support Accelerator in November 2020 as a toolkit for K-12 tutoring during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Among the toolkit’s guidelines are suggested criteria for tutors’ comprehension of systemic racism and antiracist theory. The document states that tutor “candidate pool[s] should reflect the backgrounds of the students being served” as well as an “acknowledgement of intrinsic bias” among hired tutors.

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The Gates Foundation is active in supporting campus initiatives with social justice bents.

For instance, the organization gave $1 million to “A Pathway to Equitable Instruction” — an initiative from several universities and local governments to address “barriers to math equity” by offering resources to “develop an anti-racist math practice.”

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Likewise, the Gates Foundation gave American University $150,000 to create “antiracist” learning environments across the United States.

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The Gates Foundation has also extensively funded teacher’s unions and left-leaning think tanks such as the Center for American Progress.

Campus Reform reached out to the Gates Foundation and Brown University for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.

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