Georgetown shells out $1M for racial equity

Georgetown University donated $1 million to a Jesuit racial healing initiative.

Though Georgetown has a long history of approving racial healing policies, more recently — especially after George Floyd’s death — campus leftists ramped up their pushes toward reparations funds.

Georgetown University donated $1 million to a Jesuit racial healing initiative.

According to an announcement from Georgetown President John DeGioia, Georgetown committed $1 million to “support the planning and technical work necessary” to create the Descendants Truth & Reconciliation Foundation, a newly-formed Jesuit nonprofit.

Georgetown also “committed to contributing $400,000 a year” to a “reconciliation fund to support work to benefit the Descendant community.”

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According to its website, the Descendants Truth & Reconciliation Foundation is seeking to “mitigate the dehumanizing impact of racism on our human family while dismantling the continuing legacy of slavery in America through truth, racial healing and transformation.” 

It seeks to aid the descendants of slaves allegedly exploited by Jesuits.

As The New York Times originally reported, the organization pledges to give $100 million toward educational initiatives and support for elderly descendants.

Georgetown students and faculty have long called for and implemented initiatives to atone for the school’s involvement in slavery.

In 2019, Georgetown students approved a fee of $27.20 per semester to support GU272 — a coalition representing the slaves sold by Georgetown in 1838. The move — upon which Georgetown’s $400,000 annual contribution is based — was one of the first reparations initiatives from an American university.

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More recently — especially since the death of George Floyd in May of 2020 — universities accelerated their pushes toward reparations funds.

As Campus Reform reported, Macalester College’s student government approved “care packages” to students, with a “priority given to students identifying as Black.”

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Campus Reform also reported that President Joe Biden has surrounded himself with former academics who have written in favor of racial reparations.

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In March, students at Brown University voted in favor of reparations for descendants of slaves, as Campus Reform reported. 

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