Georgetown U announces separate graduation ceremonies for ‘students of color’

This May, Georgetown University will be holding three segregated graduation ceremonies for 'students of color.'

Ceremonies will cater to students of Asian American heritage, the 'Latinx' community, and 'seniors who identify with communities of the African Diaspora.'

Georgetown University’s Center for Multicultural Equity & Access released a university-wide announcement inviting graduating seniors to attend separate Multicultural Graduation Ceremonies on May 18 as “a way to bring students of color together for a final ceremony.” 

The university plans to host segregated graduation commencement ceremonies catered to students of “Asian American and Pacific Islander” heritage, the “Latinx community and Chicanas/Chicanos at Georgetown University,” and “graduating seniors who identify with communities of the African Diaspora.”

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According to the Multicultural Graduation Ceremonies website, three separate ceremonies will be held.

The first will celebrate the achievements of Asian American and Pacific Islander graduates. The event will be held to honor “the distinctive accomplishments of our graduates and to commemorate the unique cultures that have shaped their journeys here.”

The next graduation ceremony is titled “Harambee“ and will be “dedicated to recognizing graduating seniors who identify with communities of the African Diaspora.”

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“This ceremony collectively celebrates the individual achievements of students in obtaining college diplomas and honors the community and legacy Black graduating students have created and actively cultivated here at Georgetown,” reads the event description.

The last event, called “Despedida,” will be held in order to celebrate the “cultural diversity and history of the Latinx community and Chicanas/Chicanos” and “serves to recognize the completion of a rigorous journey through academia and involvement in various organizations at Georgetown.”

Campus Reform contacted all relevant parties listed for comment and will update this article accordingly. 

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