Georgia TA compares whites to Nazis, blacks to Jews

Irami Osei-Frimpong, a University of Georgia teaching assistant, took to Facebook Thursday to comment on the “free speech debacle” surrounding his previous statement on race, in which he declared, “white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole in this struggle to advance to freedom.”

In the Facebook post, Osei-Frimpong addresses what he says is a “belabored” talking point from his detractors: “if a White guy said that some Black people may have to die for White people to be free” then that person would be fired. 

Osei-Frimpong’s response? “I’m not convinced that’s true.”

“You can’t just swap Black people for White people,” he explained. “That’s not how history nor oppression work.”

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The UGA teaching assistant continued by comparing white people to Nazis and black people to Jews.

“To be vulgar, if in 1934, a Nazi says, ‘Some Jews may have to die for Aryan Germans to be free.’ vs. a Jewish political theorist who...says, ‘Some Aryan Germans may have to die for Jews to be free,’” Osei-Frimpong said. “In this case, the first person is advocating for the Final Solution and the second person is just reflecting on the seriousness and stubbornness of the Nazi regime.”

”There is a deep and pervasive lack of historical sensibility that governs the notion that, for rhetorical purposes, you can swap members of a subordinated group with members of a dominant group,” the TA wrote. “The measures taken by the subordinate group are taken to defend themselves from the institutionalized injustice and violence normalized by the dominant group.”

Osei-Frimpong concludes with another critique of the white race: “White people are simply awful at talking about White people as a group identity that is sustained in and contrived through violence.”

As a UGA employee, Osei-Frimpong came under public scrutiny after he made statements against “crappy white people,” saying “fighting white people is a skill,” and claiming that “some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole in this struggle to advance to freedom.”

These controversial statements have led some UGA donors to rethink their contributions to the college.

“I AM NOT giving a penny until this issue gets resolved,” one UGA alumnus told Campus Reform in a previous article. “What he’s done has crossed the line. He needs dismissing from all teaching assignments on the university. We can discuss racism without bringing HATE into the debate.”

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Osei-Frimpong was recently under investigation by UGA administration following an allegation he had failed to supply the college with his entire academic record, a requirement of all transferring students.

“UGA requires official transcripts from all colleges attended, even if the work is from dual enrollment courses, transient work at another college, etc,” the UGA website confirms.

As Campus Reform reported Thursday, a UGA judiciary panel cleared Osei-Frimpong of any wrongdoing in his application to the college.

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