GOP congressman to colleges kicking students out of dorms: Refund their money

Rep. Lance Gooden compared the situation to canceling a hotel reservation, saying that hotels would refund customers money if they cancel their stay.

A Texas congressman is urging colleges to issue refunds to students forced to move out of campus housing.

Rep. Lance Gooden (R-Texas) is calling on colleges around the country to issue refunds to students forced to move out of their dorms due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

As Campus Reform has reported, a number of colleges around the country have not only moved classes for the remainder of the semester online but have also told students who live on campus to move out, even though they are paying for housing and food through the end of the spring term. Gooden said that colleges have an obligation to give these students their money back. 

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”If you pay for room and board and you’re being kicked out of your dorm, it only makes sense that you would get that money back. If I cancel a hotel reservation, even if it’s non-refundable, hotels, which would still love for me to come, are refunding my deposit, my room, across the nation,” Gooden said Friday on Fox & Friends

”These schools are kicking students out and saying, you’re on your own, so if that’s the case they need to be refunding room and board costs,” the Texas congressman added. 

Campus Reform has reached out to a number of top colleges and universities around the country to ask if they plan to issue refunds. Further coverage surrounding that question is forthcoming. Stay tuned to Campus Reform for updates. 

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