Hamas releases statement in support of campus occupation camps across US: 'Leaders of the future'

​A Hamas official has released a statement in support of the anti-Israel campus encampments that are being created across America.

A Hamas official has released a statement in support of the anti-Israel campus encampments that are being created across America.

Senior Hamas member Izzat al-Risheq made the post on his Telegram channel yesterday, according to Joe Truzman, a senior research analyst for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Campus Reform has verified the statement’s authenticity.

In the statement, al-Risheq called out  ”neo-Nazi Zionists” and said the Biden administration “will pay sooner or later” for supporting Israel.

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”The American administration, led by President Biden, violates individual rights and the right to expression, and arrests university students and faculty members because of their rejection of the genocide that our Palestinian people are subjected to in the Gaza Strip at the hands of the neo-Nazi Zionists, without the slightest sense of shame about the legal value represented by the students and university professors,” said al-Risheq.

”The Biden administration, which is a partner in the brutal war on our Palestinian people, does not want to acknowledge that it is before American public opinion that discovered the truth about the Nazi entity and sided with human values and decided to stand on the right side of history. Today’s students are the leaders of the future, and their suppression today means an expensive electoral bill that the Biden administration will pay sooner or later,” al-Risheq added.

The statement from Hamas, a designated terrorist organization, comes as Columbia University anti-Israel encampment organizers have been accused of aligning themselves too closely with terrorists.

As reported by Campus Reform, in one instance, Jewish students walking by the protest were yelled at and told to “Go back to Europe” and “go back to Poland.”

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”You have no culture” and “All you do is colonize,” were yelled by protesters. 

In one instance, protesters yelled in Arabic “Oh Hamas, oh loved one, hit/strike Tel Aviv,” video on social media showed.

In another video posted to X, the protesters could be heard yelling “We have Zionists who have entered the camp.” 

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”We are going to create a human chain..so that they do not pass this point and infringe upon our privacy and try to disrupt our community,” the protesters shouted.

”We are going to slowly walk and take a step froward so that we can start to push them out of the camp,” they shouted.