Harvard finally hands over docs in anti-Semitism investigation, may still face subpoena

Harvard University has handed over documents, but the House Education and the Workforce Committee is still deciding whether a subpoena needs to be issued.

Harvard University has handed over documents to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, which is still deciding whether a subpoena for further information will be issued.

Committee spokesperson Nick Barley told Campus Reform Thursday afternoon the committee received the documents from Harvard related to its investigation into campus anti-Semitism. Barley said the committee is reviewing the documents,

After Rep. Dr. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) initially sent Harvard a letter on Jan. 9 giving the institution a two-week deadline to produce documents regarding anti-Semitism on its campus, a spokesperson for the committee told CNN that the university only received documents that were publicly available.

At the time, Foxx called Harvard’s response “woefully inadequate.”

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Foxx sent another letter to Harvard on Feb. 7, giving the university a Wednesday deadline to produce the requested documents, to which the Ivy League institution responded.

Barley told the Harvard Crimson that the committee is still weighing a subpoena.

“The Committee is reviewing the documents and will make a determination on whether a subpoena is warranted once a thorough review is completed,” Barley said.