Haters gonna hate...Republicans

A University of Michigan communications professor is upset after her op-ed, which opened with the brainy affront “I hate Republicans,” was titled ‘It’s Okay to Hate Republicans,’ because the truth is, she doesn't hate Republicans.

Confused? Outraged? Somewhere inbetween?

The real moral indignation here is not the professor’s hostility towards Republicans, it’s that she’s teaching a university level communications course.

If it is true that Professor Susan Douglas, the chair of the Communication Department, doesn't really hate Republicans, then her article is the worst display of communication skills since a drunk David Hasselhoff unconvincingly pledged to sober up midway through stuffing his face with a double bacon cheeseburger on the floor of a dirty bathroom.

The U of M, after facing national scorn for the professors comments, assured enrollees they “will work vigilantly to ensure students can express diverse ideas and perspectives in a respectful environment and without fear of reprisal.”


Douglas’s article christened Constitution-loving, life-protecting conservatives as “blowhards” who, according to “researchers,” resist change and “support” inequality.

Preach it, girl. Way to coexist with all of mankind and create an atmosphere of academic freedom for your liberty loving pupils. I guess if you disagree with Professor Douglas’s progressive characterization of conservatives, you must be anti-science.

Douglas, and anyone who is satisfied with the University of Michigan’s lily-livered response, is a partisan hack. The university won’t circle the wagons for a conservative who posts something one-tenth as outrageous. Take, for example, the case of Omar Mahmood.

Just a few days ago, Mahmood, a student writer at the university’s primary newspaper, was fired because he committed the cardinal sin of skewering social justice sacred cows.

I guess Mahmood’s article, published in the conservative Michigan Review, intimidated these deputies of diversity, these Barney Fifes of free speech, who are all in favor of a marketplace of ideas before they discover that their thoughts aren’t the only ones lining the shelves.

The paper dismissed Mahmood, a politically conservative Muslim, in the name of diversity.

The truth is that the only opinion that is welcome on campus is one that attacks conservatives. America’s college campuses are not bastions of diversity of thought, they are uni-versities of thought. But we all know this.

As some wag commented beneath Douglas’s article; “Yes, a conservative college professor is an oxymoron. Douglas is simply a moron.”

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