Hillary Clinton uses commencement speech to bash Trump

Hillary Clinton took to the graduation stage at Hunter College to comment on former special counsel Robert Mueller’s recent statements on the Mueller report in which he stated that the Department of Justice’s report should “speak for itself.” In doing so, Clinton also inserted some thinly veiled swipes at President Donald Trump and his administration. 

“We’ve got to deal with what has been investigated and reported,” she began. “Just today before this graduation ceremony started we heard from the Special Counsel Robert Muller who said there were multiple systemic efforts to interfere in our election and that allegation deserves the attention of every American but what we’ve seen from the administration is the complete refusal to condemn a foreign power who attacked our democracy.”

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Clinton continued to talk about her hopes for the graduating class, “When I think about the future I think about what do we do when people in positions of authority are not held accountable, when they defy requests from the Congress, when they spread misinformation online…”

The former U.S. Secretary of State and twice failed presidential candidate went on to explain why exactly she felt the need to discuss issues related to the presidency. 

“Now, why do I bring this up at this joyous occasion of your graduation? Because the future of this democracy truly does depend on you and I know that’s asking a lot and it can be tempting to read the news and throw your hands up and conclude nothing matters [and] nothing will change so why even bother? But it does really, really matter and this is no time for apathy.”

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Mueller, in his first official comment since the release of the report, reiterated the fact that while there was certifiable Russian interference in the 2016 election, there is no prosecutorial evidence to suggest that Trump or members of his campaign colluded with Russia.

“We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime,” Mueller said. “The Special Counsel’s Office is part of the Department of Justice and, by regulation, it was bound by that Department policy. Charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider.”

“We are not commenting on the guilt or of the innocence of any specific defendant.”

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Clinton is not the only elected official who has utilized their 2019 commencement podiums to comment on current political events. Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently discussed proposed immigration reform bills that will be voted on in the House this session.

Pelosi encouraged “comprehensive immigration reform” to be passed in the House before shouting out to the crowd, “Any DREAMers in the house?”

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