'I feel unsafe on campus:' GW student says peers are 'inhaling' a 'leftist media' view on campus police

'Honestly, I feel unsafe on campus, and I feel even more unsafe that...there isn't a solution.'

George Washington University’s Students Against Imperialism are unhappy with the university’s recent decision to arm campus police officers, but the group does not speak for all GW students. 

A GW student, who requested to remain anonymous for fear of losing her job for holding conservative beliefs, told Campus Reform that group’s position is “idiotic.”  

“This is an attack on black and brown students … GW stands firm against the institutions of racial violence and we demand as a unified movement - NO GUNS FOR GWPD,” the group posted on Instagram, calling for a protest. 

The anonymous student responded to the group’s claims pointing out that many of the campus police are minorities themselves: 

Campus Reform could not confirm the demographic make up of GW’s police department.

The student then explained that students who support gun control policies learn from “leftist media,” saying that students are not being told the “full picture.”  

She further explained that rising crime in DC has made her feel unsafe on campus, even explaining that she carries pepper spray in the event she needs to defend herself. 

“Honestly, I feel unsafe on campus,” she said. “And I feel even more unsafe that...there isn’t a solution.”

“[Crime] is bad all over DC and I feel like it’s bad in most major cities.”

Her concerns for her safety are valid.  

Campus Reform previously reported that GW students were warned about armed robberies of individuals wearing Canada Goose jackets. 

“These jackets are very expensive, and our community members should be mindful while wearing them, even in very public spaces,” a GW advisory read, noting as well that weapons were brandished to intimidate victims into handing over the jackets. 

Overall crime is up 25% in 2023 year-to-date over 2022. Homicides are up 24%, sex abuse is up 51%, and arson cases have risen by 500%, according to the D.C. police department’s website

Campus Reform continues to track protests, policies, and legislation related to campus safety issues. 

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