‘I love Abortion,’ dead baby drawn on vandalized pro-life display

Protect Life’s Southeast Michigan Campus Activist Jenny Abbott called the message 'extremely disrespectful.'

A pro-life display at Eastern Michigan University was replaced by a message reading 'I Love Abortion. Love, Jesus' and a drawing of a dead baby.

Less than 24 hours after students at Eastern Michigan University painted pro-life messages on the campus’ Wall of Speech, those messages were reportedly met with mockery and replaced with a drawing of a dead baby and the message “I Love Abortion/ Love, Jesus.”

The school’s Protect Life club painted the initial message that read, “The Unborn Could Have Been… Women, Men, Black, Leaders, Activists, LGBTQ+... How Can We Love All, But Not the Unborn?? Helpline- Text 313131.”

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The club took to Instagram to share what happened next, stating “This is what our pro-life message was changed to this weekend.”

Is mocking dead babies compassionate?” the group asked, and shared a quote from Pramila Jayapal reading, “We have to remember that disagreeing with people is fine; it is dehumanizing people that is not, and when that happens, we have to be ready to speak up.”

According to Protect Life’s Southeast Michigan Campus Activist Jenny Abbot, who helped paint the message, this is not the first time the group has had its messages painted over.

“Our club painted it with pro-life messages on two occasions and both times it was painted over within 24 hours. I have seen other messages on the wall stay up for weeks at a time, so clearly the quick reaction time is due to us being pro-life,” she told Campus Reform.

Days earlier, the club painted the wall with messages such as “Humanize the unborn,” “Abortion = violence,” and “Human rights for ALL humans,” but this was also defaced with messages like “I love abortion,” “Gay Balls,” “No bitches?” “F*ck 12,” and “Planned Parenthood saves lives.”

Abbott said that she hoped people would not be so quick to paint over the display this time, but was disappointed that the “loving message was replaced with this extremely disrespectful message that both slanders the name of Jesus AND depicts a dead baby in a mocking way.

Co-president of EMU’s Protect Life Chapter Bella Brent led the effort in painting pro-life messages on the Wall of Speech, and told Campus Reform, “I was genuinely shocked by what was written” in response to the group’s paintings.

”I was instantly angered and appalled at the message I saw,” she said. “Associating Christ with abortion and making fun of ‘dead babies’ follows by the message ‘Happy Easter.’ As one who happens to be Christian, I felt as though my faith was offended.”

”I couldn’t imagine how a message so accepting and loving could be turned into something so vulgar and sac religious. Looking back, I say this shows a lot about how students choose to conduct discourse on campus. It seems as though the pro-choice are afraid to debate. They are afraid to listen to the pro-life side of the argument. They would rather us not have a voice at all than be defeated in debate,” Brent concluded.

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This is also not the first time a pro-life display was defaced on a college campus, as earlier this semester two pro-life memorials were disrupted in California.

At California Polytechnic State University, a video surfaced of students stomping on pink crosses which represented unborn children who died as a result of abortion. At Clovis Community College a sign reading “If you are in need of assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to Right to Life of Central California,” was stolen from a pro-life display.

Abortion has also been glorified at other schools recently as well, with Ohio State University hosting a student event urging students to “thank abortion providers” as part of the school’s Sex Week.

Campus Reform has reached out to Eastern Michigan University for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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