Illinois State U gives $1,000 scholarships to 100 students who are fully vaccinated

Vaccinated students have the chance to win $100 or $1,000 from ISU in campus or scholarship money, respectively.

The scholarship is similar to the state of Illinois' $10 million vaccine lottery, which was announced last month.

Illinois State University (ISU) is now offering vaccinated students a chance to win a scholarship in an effort to encourage students to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Students could win a $1,000 scholarship or $100 uploaded to their student ID for campus purchases. The university plans to give the money to 100 and 75 students, respectively. 

As reported by WGLT, the university is not mandating vaccines for students, but unvaccinated students and employees will need to undergo COVID-19 testing while on campus.

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News of ISU’s scholarship comes shortly after the state of Illinois announced a $10 million lottery to incentive individual COVID-19 vaccinations. 

The terms and conditions of the scholarship state that money awarded to the student will go toward any balance that is still owed to the university. Additionally, being awarded the scholarship can potentially impact a student’s financial aid, and it may be taxed.

Eduardo Monk Jr., a student at ISU told Campus Reform that he doesn’t agree with the program.

”Frankly, it’s sickening to watch as the school so gleefully trample upon students’ right to personal health decisions through their inappropriate incentivization of vaccination. The school should not be taking such a hardline position on a choice that should be left solely upon students,” Monk Jr. said.

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Campus Reform has previously reported on Universities pushing vaccination requirements on students, and even charging students who aren’t vaccinated.

Eric R. Jome, a spokesperson for Illinois State University, told Campus Reform that  the contest “includes the chance to receive scholarships or ‘flex dollars’”

”At this time, Illinois State University’s vaccine incentive program includes the chance to receive scholarships or ‘flex dollars’ (added to a student account to purchase food items at various campus locations),” Jome said.