'Independent journey with anti-racism' is now a job requirement at Bard

Bard included the requirement in a posting for an hourly positioned at its performing arts center.

The school's employment criteria is similar to other diversity hiring trends at universities.

Bard College is telling job applicants to “commit” to “furthering your own independent journey with anti-racism.”

The requirement comes from Bard’s posting for an Audience & Member Services Assistant Manager at its Fisher Center for the Performing Arts.

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“All on staff are expected to: Commit to anti-racism and inclusivity at the Fisher Center. This includes participating in any trainings when scheduled, supporting departmental, company-wide, and cross-departmental collaboration in issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and furthering your own independent journey with anti-racism,” the job description states.

The job’s normal duties include executing “the day-to-day activities of the box office, and co-supervises the entire box office team.” The position pays $17.50 - $21.00 an hour and will be working 35-40 hours per week.

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Many universities have similar requirements for current and prospective employees. America’s top colleges practice cluster hiring and continue to employ an increasing number of diversity, equity, and inclusion officers. 

Over the past year, George Soros has donated $500 million to the college, in part, to facilitate “Bard’s exemplary educational and social initiatives,” as Campus Reform reported.

Campus Reform reached out to Bard College for comment but did not receive a response.

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