Ivy League offers 'free' ski trip...but not for whites

The college confirmed to Campus Reform that the trip is university-sponsored.

Dartmouth College is offering a "free" ski trip to students of color.

Dartmouth College is offering students free skiing lessons this winter - as long as those students are not white.  

Three “POC Ski Days” are scheduled this term, inviting “self-identified” students of color to ski for free. It is not clear whether the university is funding the trip or whether it is being funded in some other way. 

According to an email promotion obtained by Campus Reform, attendees receive free ski lessons, transportation, and equipment.

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While the events are not advertised anywhere on the university’s website, the event organizer, Dartmouth Assistant Director for Leadership and Experiential Education Tracie Williams, confirmed to Campus Reform that POC Ski Days are “university sponsored” events, and are, specifically, functions of the Outdoor Programs Office’s People of Color Outside Group, a student group called “Black Girls are Magic,” the school’s athletics department, and the Dartmouth Skiway.

Williams also confirmed that the free skiing would only be offered to students who are “self-identified” students of color, but clarified that the event itself is open to all “as it is held in a public space.” The organizer also expressed surprise that Campus Reform “got ahold [sic] of this event information,” calling it “interesting” and asking how Campus Reform obtained knowledge of the event.

“This just shows that identity politics has gotten to the point where even something as innocuous as skiing is an issue of race and oppression, and the fact that administrators feel the need to fund an event such as this exemplifies their preference for ethnic diversity over fiscal responsibility,” Dartmouth student Eashwar Sivarajan told Campus Reform.

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Conservative YouTube comedy personality and Dartmouth alum Austen “Fleccas” Fletcher feels similarly about the event, telling Campus Reform he was disappointed to see his alma mater “continue to go off of the progressive rails.”  

“It’s getting to the point where an Ivy League degree won’t mean much because these students aren’t actually learning anything and are in no way prepared for any of the obstacles they will face in the real world,” Fletcher said. “Instead, they’re learning how to be offended and how to create a hierarchy that rewards victimhood as opposed to competence. These kids attribute success to privilege and failure to oppression and for that reason, they will likely join the ‘resistance’ when they get out of their college bubble.”

“Now we know why the left wants free education,” he told Campus Reform. “They want to get as many of these young people into the anti-American indoctrination machine as possible. This attempt to fix the imperfections of this country’s history will do more harm than good. Artificially propping up the ‘oppressed’ at the expense of other students will lead to more inequality and division in the long run. If Dartmouth was a stock, I’d sell it!”

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