Ivy League pockets millions from COVID stimulus as endowments reach record values

Ivy League universities will receive millions of dollars as a result of the recently-passed COVID-19 stimulus bill.

In Fiscal Year 2020, all but one of the eight Ivy League institutions reported considerable growth in their already billion-dollar endowments.

Among the biggest winners in the recently passed $1.9 trillion coronavirus aid bill were elite Ivy League institutions, some of whose endowments are more than the Gross Domestic Product of some countries. 

Each of these colleges and universities will pocket millions of dollars from the legislation despite that the values of their endowments, save Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, increased during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cornell University- $33 million

Endowment: $7.2 billion (2019: $7.3 billion)


Columbia University- $32.9 million 

Endowment: $11.26 billion (2019: $10.95 billion)


University of Pennsylvania- $26.3 million

Endowment: $14.9 billion (2019: $14.7 billion)


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Harvard University- $25.4 million

Endowment: $41.9 billion (2019: $40.9 billion)


Yale University-  $17.3 million 

Endowment: $31.2 billion (2019: $30.3 billion)


Brown University- $12.5 million

Endowment: $4.7 billion (2019: $4.2 billion)


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Princeton University- $12.1 million

Endowment: $26.6 billion (2019: $26.1 billion)

Dartmouth College- $8.7 million

Endowment: $6 billion (2019: $5.7 billion) 

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