JACOBSON: 'Biden is trying to please his supporters' by not reopening schools

Campus Reform Reporter Ophelie Jacobson said that President Joe Biden is "trying to please his supporters" by not reopening schools.

Citing professors' overwhelming support for Biden over Trump, Jacobson said this is the reason that Biden is "not really giving a plan to reopen schools."

Campus Reform Reporter Ophelie Jacobson joined Fox & Friends Weekend on Sunday to discuss her latest Campus Reform video in which she asked students about President Joe Biden’s campaign promise to reopen schools in his first 100 days, and the decreasing likelihood of that promise being fulfilled. 

Jacobson asked students at the University of Florida if, given that college professors overwhelmingly favored Biden over Trump, the administration’s failure to reopen schools in the first 100 days is politically motivated. 

Most students agreed that schools not reopening is politically motivated. 

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”So absolutely it’s a political move and these students recognize that. It’s not just based on science. He’s trying to please his supporters and for that reason he’s not really giving a plan to reopen schools,” Jacobson said. 

Watch the full interview above.

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