JACOBSON: BLM co-founder’s million dollar mansions a prime example of ‘rules for thee…not for me’

On the most recent episode of the Campus Countdown, Campus Reform’s Ophelie Jacobson exposed the hypocrisy of BLM’s co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who acquired several mansions across the U.S., including in Los Angeles and Atlanta, according to the New York Post.

On an August Zoom call with the Pennsylvania State University Programming Association, Cullors told students that capitalism is “more tragic” than COVID-19. 

“Capitalism doesn’t seem to be that bad anymore for Cullors,” Jacobson responded. “She’ll never tell them that capitalism worked in her favor, because the idea that capitalism is bad, fits perfectly into the woke agenda.”

Jacobson then slammed Cullors for not playing by her own set of rules.

“This all just plays into the idea of rules for thee and not for me.”

In the rest of the episode, Jacobson criticizes the University of California-Berkeley for having a Cesar Chavez holiday, but not Columbus day, and calls out the NCAA for threatening to pull championships from states that require athletes to compete in sports according to their biological gender.

Watch the full video above. 

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