JACOBSON: If we defund police on college campuses, 'we will certainly see an increase in violent crime' in academic institutions

On this week’s episode of the Campus Countdown, Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson analyzes the defund the police movement on college campuses across the country. 

As reported by Campus Reform, a student at Cypress College in California was berated by his professor after he called police officers “heroes” in class. 

Jacobson said that this type of anti-police rhetoric has been present on college campuses for years. She said that the “type of disrespect that these men and women are getting” is “so uncalled for.” Jacobson goes on to say that “we need to honor them because, at the end of the day, they put their lives at risk every single day to protect not only college students but citizens in the community as well.”

Jacobson went on to highlight a conversation that Campus Reform had with the student who was berated by his professor, Braden Ellis, and what his message for conservatives across the country is. Jacobson said that Ellis’ message of “fighting with facts rather than feelings” will “help end this type of rhetoric that we see at our higher education institutions.” 

In the rest of the Campus Countdown, Jacobson highlights the hypocrisy behind Dr. Fauci’s plans to virtually address in-person commencement ceremonies this year. She also talks about how a campus paper editor-in-chief said she “couldn’t walk past a white person without shaking.”

Jacobson also brings a new woke Tweet of the week, in which a professor at Iowa State University admits that “ she limits her interactions “with [white] people as much as possible.”

Watch the full episode above.

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