JACOBSON: Nikole Hannah-Jones has no business teaching journalism anywhere

On this week’s episode of the Campus Countdown, Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson breaks down Nikole Hannah-Jones’ decision to turn down University of North Carolina’s tenure offer. 


Hannah-Jones announced on July 6 that she will be turning down the offer from UNC, after the Board of Trustees voted 9-4 to grant her tenure and offer her a position as the Knight Chair in Race and Investigative Journalism. 


Hannah-Jones will instead be teaching at Howard University as the inaugural Knight Chair in Race and Reporting.

When asked why she declined the offer, Hannah-Jones said “it’s just not something I want anymore.”

“Hannah-Jones simply wanted attention,” Jacobson said. “She got what she wanted, a tenure offer from UNC, and then rejected it. Meanwhile, this caused national controversy, gained lots of media attention and even caused protests during the Board of Trustees meeting. And all of it for her to reject it...in the end.”


Jacobson went on to say that “Hannah-Jones shouldn’t be teaching journalism at any school in this country. Her so-called “investigative journalism” is not based on facts...it’s based on feelings.”

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Watch the full episode above.

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