JACOBSON: If students don't like going to a religious school, 'they shouldn't have attended... in the first place'

In the latest episode of Campus Reform’s Campus Countdown podcast, Reporter Ophelie Jacobson breaks down the week’s top story: students at Catholic University of America being up in arms over their pro-life peers’ desire to host a pro-life speaker. 

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Jacobson noted the growing trend of Christian and pro-life beliefs coming under attack at not just secular colleges and universities, but also at religious institutions, even at ones that literally have the name of the religion in their title, like at Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. 

”If a university is claiming to be affiliated with a certain religion and even more so if that religion is literally included in the title of its school, then they should be adhering to the doctrine and the virtues of that religion in everything that they do,” Jacobson said. 

”And if students feel unsafe or they feel offended by anything that the university does that aligns with that religious doctrine, then they shouldn’t have attended a Catholic university in the first place,” she concluded. 

For the rest of the week’s top stories, watch the full episode above. 

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