Jew-hating maniac gives anti-Semitic presentation at Queens College, says racism is central to Judaism: EXCLUSIVE

Daniel Haqiqatjou claimed that what he says is Jewish racism ‘affects the entire culture. It doesn't just stay within the yeshivas, and stay within the synagogues.’

The speaker also alleged that claims of Hamas’s raping of women on Oct. 7 are false and ‘created this wave of genocidal hatred amongst Jews, not only in Israel, but in the West.’

A recent anti-Semitic speaker at Queens College gave an entire presentation to a group of students asserting that ‘hate and racism’ is central to Judaism. 

On Feb. 29, the Muslim Student Association of Queens College, located in Flushing, New York, hosted Daniel Haqiqatjou, an anti-Israel writer and figure who has previously authored an article titled: “Is ISIS Jewish?” as previously reported on Campus Reform

Ahead of the event, Campus Reform spoke to two individuals in attendance who identified themselves as Queens College professors. “I didn’t think that any protest, that this guy, that today’s speaker, warrants any kind of protest, he is so horrible, so beyond the pale that it just doesn’t make sense to pay any attention to him,” one said. 

Once the event began, the lecture was introduced as “Hate and Racism in Judaism and How It Generates Israeli War Crimes”, a noticeable difference from the advertised title, which, according to the group’s Instagram, was: “Analyzing the Israel-Palestine Conflict: A Multifaceted Examination.”

At the start of the presentation, Haqiqatjou presented a slide that pushed back against those who say he is “spreading hate,” stating: “But let’s look at the teachings of Judaism to see that the most extreme examples of hate come from that religion.”

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Haqiqatjou stated: “Racial superiority is one of the main, or a very significant teaching within the Jewish religious texts, and I should give the disclaimer that not all Jews believe in these texts, not all Jews believe in the racial superiority of the Jewish race, but it is something that is found in Judaism.” Later in the lecture, he added: “There are many brave Jews . . . they’re going against their own people,” referencing Jewish individuals who are anti-Israel. 

While discussing his claim that Judaism teaches a doctrine of “Racial Superiority,” Haqiqatjou presented a slide showing supposed Jewish “Religious Teachings” on race: 

Haqiqatjou also claimed that Judaism is racist in other ways, alleging that in “classical Jewish texts” it is “asserted that blacks are descended from Canaan and his son Ham. And there are many curses associated with being part of this lineage, black skin being ugly, you’re meant to serve as slaves for other people. These are all found within the Talmud and other Midrash, which are authoritative . . . Jewish texts.”

He continued: “So when you see a [sic] Israeli soldier, IDF, playing with children’s dolls of Palestinians that they just got finished massacring–That doesn’t happen overnight. That is through socialization, that is through a long . . . process of indoctrination, imbibing that hate against non Jews.”

Another slide, titled: “Why the Burning Hate?” alleged that Judaism teaches a historical desire for revenge: 

The event was paused after Haqiqatjou’s presentation and before the Q&A session so that Muslim students could say the Maghrib prayer, a Muslim prayer offered at sundown. 

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At that time, one student spoke to Campus Reform about the lecture, saying: “So, the way I see it is that if he is trying to show that anything could be taken out of context, if you could take a list of verses and put them in front of your face and say ‘Look at this, this is bad,’ and that could apply to everything and therefore we should disregard all of it, I would agree with him. However, what it seems like he’s doing is condemning . . . people that are against Islam, for taking single quotes out of context, or mistranslations . . . and then condemning an entire religion for it, but then it seems like that’s exactly what he’s doing to Judaism in his presentation. I would like to ask him to clarify himself.”

After the event resumed, Haqiqatjou alleged that acknowledgements of Hamas’s rape of women during the Oct. 7 massacre have “created this wave of genocidal hatred amongst Jews, not only in Israel, but in the West.” He went on to deny the rapes themselves, claiming that “the story has been completely debunked . . . as being atrocity propaganda.”

A Queen’s College official responded to Campus Reform’s questions about the event by condemning not only anti-Semitism but also Islamophobia. 

The spokesperson noted that Haqiqatjou “has a history of expressing views that are antithetical to the values we espouse at Queens College, and that I personally regard as abhorrent,” adding “To be clear, we strongly condemn bigotry, including antisemitism and Islamophobia, in all of its ugly forms. We will not hesitate to condemn it.” 

“At the same time, one of our most important values is our support of the right to free speech and the importance of student opportunities to hear different viewpoints. Adherence to the right of free speech permits registered student organizations to invite speakers so long as they follow appropriate college procedures,” the official added. 

Campus Reform has reached out to Queens College and the Queens College Muslim Student Association. The article will be updated accordingly.