Johns Hopkins doctor: Closed schools are an ‘American disgrace’

A Johns Hopkins University medical expert said that closed schools are an “American disgrace.”

He denounced officials’ decisions to close down schools and pointed out groupthink in the medical community.

A Johns Hopkins University medical professor said that closed schools are an “American disgrace.”

Dr. Marty Makary — a professor at Johns Hopkins University’s prestigious School of Medicine and a Fox News contributor — said during an interview with “Coffee With Closers” ripped public health officials’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

During the interview, Makary explained his thinking on herd immunity and his correct prediction that the United States would see a slowing of COVID-19 infections by April of 2021.

“What we’re seeing is a divergence in the data right now. You’re going to see two pandemics — one among at-risk people and the other is among young people who are healthy,” he said.

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Makary also challenged Dr. Fauci’s representation of herd immunity.

“When people say we need to vaccinate 70-85% of the population in order to reach herd immunity — which is a quote you’ll hear again and again, especially coming from Dr. Fauci — that’s not true,” he remarked. “Because half the country has natural immunity from prior infection. And some doctors — especially the old school doctors — have dismissed that.”

Makary was particularly critical of medical officials’ decisions to close schools and slammed groupthink in the medical community.

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“Why do adults get their bowling alleys and restaurants, but kids are shut out of their livelihoods?” he said. “It’s an American disgrace. And I think what we’ve lost a little bit in the medical profession is to speak your mind. Too many people are worried about what folks are gonna think of you.”

Noting that self-harm claims among children have risen several hundred percent since the beginning of the pandemic, Makary said that “from a medical standpoint, from a public health standpoint, kids need to be in school.”

Campus Reform recently reported that the editorial team of a student newspaper at Johns Hopkins retracted an article featuring a university study claiming that COVID-19 did not significantly increase the death rate in 2020.

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One editor said that the article was being used to spread “dangerous inaccuracies” online.

Campus Reform reached out to Makary for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.

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